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When I first decided to have Elase Medical Spas give me BOTOX® , I never thought I would love it so much that I would want to do it again, but I did!
This time I took my awesome brother Marcus along to help capture it all for you. Marcus also happens to be one of my photography students, and he did an amazing job, so again, many thanks Marcus from me and from Elase Medical Spas.

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Isn’t Elase so beautiful? Every time I go to Elase it feels like, well a trip to the spa! It feels like home. Everything is so fresh and clean and every single employee is so friendly. My favorite is walking in, and I hear, “Hi Kim!” It is almost like a 2013 version of Cheers, except I am Norm.

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Here I am ready to consult with Shari, my injector.

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Shari is model gorgeous, and the nicest and smartest woman you will ever ever meet. I just adore her. Here we are consulting about what I hope to accomplish. My first visit I was so nervous that I asked for the bare minimum (which I loved) here I am saying, “Give me what you got!” (With a little more proper English.)

 photo ElaseBotox008_zpsa2023727.jpg

After discussing what I wanted, we compared to what we did the first time, and decided to go about twice as much on my upper forehead as we did the first time, and to hit my “grouch lines” as I call them, right between they eyes.

 photo ElaseBotox009_zps7938ac56.jpg

 photo ElaseBotox016_zps6e5493e0.jpg

I also have this wicked awesome scar on my forehead from where my 5 or 6 year old self went head first into the handlebars of a three wheeler when we were snow tubing with my family.

On my first visit, Shari and I discussed using JUVÉDERM® to fill in that little area of my forehead. This is where we began.

 photo ElaseBotox010_zps536934d6.jpg

 photo ElaseBotox011_zpsd11ee29c.jpg

Here Shari is putting the JUVÉDERM® in with the tiniest needle ever. (The needles she uses are the same size as an insulin needle. The needle on the left is the one she uses, the needle on the right is the size the JUVÉDERM® comes in.) it did not hurt in the slightest.

 photo ElaseBotox017_zps0e2f5e79.jpg

Shari was just ooohing and awwing and I couldn’t wait to see for myself. Even my brother was impressed with how JUVÉDERM®just pumped out that little scar.

 photo ElaseBotox012_zps7aaf9cd6.jpg

While nothing can be done about the lighter discoloration of the scar except for makeup, you can see here how the divot of the scar is virtually gone.

 photo ElaseBotox013_zps20d51d72.jpg

Me in love with the results of the JUVÉDERM®…my face looks so gross this close up.

 photo ElaseBotox014_zpsa79c2548.jpg

Onto my BOTOX® before and after. My grouch lines are above and my worry lines below. Shari says my muscles are really strong, so it took a bit of BOTOX® to freeze them up.

 photo ElaseBotox015_zpsf627d930.jpg

 photo ElaseBotox018_zps715978e6.jpg

  photo ElaseBotox019_zps5fb83d5f.jpg
 photo ElaseBotox020_zpscb065f73.jpg

A little prep.

 photo ElaseBotox021_zpsf8bf9873.jpg

I wanted to pay VERY close attention to how it FELT to have BOTOX®. I wanted to be able to describe it to you, and the best thing Shari and I could come up with is that, at least for me, it doesn’t hurt, but feels more like an annoying mosquito bite.

I almost feel weird mentioning this next bit because you would not understand what I mean unless and until you have it done for yourself, but it almost feels like it crunches when it goes in. Like the way your teeth feel biting into a chip? It doesn’t hurt, that is just the only way I know how to describe it.

 photo ElaseBotox022_zpsaeae9357.jpg

Some people bleed a little, some don’t. I am a little bit of a bleeder. No big deal. Shari just applied some pressure. I hope this doesn’t make anyone pass out! SO worth a little bit of blood to rid myself of these gross lines.

 photo ElaseBotox024_zps7921f396.jpg

 photo ElaseBotox023_zpsed96f216.jpg

Let’s get rid of those forehead lines!

 photo ElaseBotox025_zps9c36f0dd.jpg

After the BOTOX® treatment was done we had a bit of JUVÉDERM® left, so Shari talked me into putting a tiny little pout in my lips. I will not lie, this hurt a bit. The reason for this is that our lips have many, many more nerve endings. I have a high tolerance for pain, and luckily JUVÉDERM® has a numbing agent in it to help ease this pain. The pain only lasted as while she was injecting, with just a mild sensitivity for the next day or so.

 photo ElaseBotox026_zpsf57268cc.jpg

A little bit of blood.

 photo ElaseBotox027_zpsed2ecb6f.jpg

My cute little pout is complete! I LOVE IT. Oh my goodness I love it. JUVÉDERM® lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year, and longer the more treatments you have.

 photo ElaseBotox028_zps8aff9aad.jpg

Love cute little Shari! Thank you SO much!

 photo ElaseBotox029_zpsb0afb89e.jpg

Now, all of you have been wondering, “Yes it is awesome, but HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?!” There is no straight forward answer since everyone is different, everyone’s needs and desires will be different. Remember I mentioned I have strong facial muscles? You may not. Your best bet will be to call Elase, and schedule a free consulation.

Plans however, start at $69 a month.

 photo ElaseBotox030_zps5bca68ef.jpg

Here I am 20 minutes after my appointment. The redness is gone, and as you can see no bruising, or signs that I had anything done, other than my AMAZING lips.

 photo ElaseBotox032_zps30a13368.jpg

Come back next Monday to see my results. I PROMISE you won’t want to miss it. Rumor has it I may be giving away some BOTOX®love.
Check out Elase Medical Spa’s website for more information on membership fees for BOTOX® and their other amazing services!

Written by Kim Orlandini November 2013
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